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Brother Tim McVey is in his 8th year of full time evangelism, and has had the privilege to preach in 4 foreign countries and 23 states in these years of ministry. He is a member of Friendship Baptist Church, in Newville, PA where Richard Black, Sr. is the pastor. Brother Tim is located in Southern Pennsylvania but has preached from Arizona to Florida to Vermont and places in between. Bro Tim has preached in prisons, rescue missions, homeless shelters, foreign schools, tents, tabernacles and a few churches along the way. To contact him, please see the link at the bottom of this page.

Singing with the Rose family in Maryland. Sorry about the blur!!

.In listening to him preach, I believe Brother Tim’s preaching is powerful and Holy Spirit controlled. His love for the Lord and his faith in Him is very evident in his life, prayers, and his preaching...
Pastor Richard Black, Frienship Baptist Church, Newville, PA

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